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Polycarbonate Glassware from Glass4ever is practically unbreakable. and comes with a 1 year warranty on cracking and breakage under normal usage.
Looks and feel real
Glassware from Glass4ever is designed to look and feel like real glasses by imitating conventional drinking glasses when it comes to form factor, balance and weight
Not a weapon
A broken glass in a bar can easily become a weapon. Polycarbonate is unbreakable and relatively light compared to conventional glass making it a safe choice
Low cost over time
Polycarbonate glassware is compared to conventional glass associated with a higher price tag. However with a life span significantly longer than normal glass its a huge saving in the long run


  • When we switched over to Polycarbonate cocktail glasses we saved both money and time in cleaning up after breakage

    Bar Manager


  • Glass4ever have a really nice range of glass wessels with form factors that resemble normal glassware. It is great that they don't look like plastic

    Procurement Manager

    International Hotel

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