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Glassware – Crystal Clear or Dull and Cloudy?


Just as normal glassware, polycarbonate glassware can get dull and cloudy to look at. If treated with care, polycarbonate glassware from Glass4ever however can maintain a lifespan of up to 20 times that of ordinary glassware. According to The Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service Glassware washed in a dishwasher can be clean, but may remain cloudy.  It is important to identify the cause of cloudiness in order to determine how to deal with it. The two main types of cloudiness are: A build-up or a film of matter on the glass Etching or leaching out of metals ions    from the glass To determine the type of cloudiness, try scratching the surface […]

The good, the bad and the ugly

THE GOOD Hand wash & machine wash using normal or polycarbonate friendly detergents. For heavy soiled glasses, soak in lukewarm water before cleaning. When hand washing, only use a soft sponge and avoid repetitive movements like twisting whilst cleaning.     THE BAD At all cost, avoid scourers or cleaning clothes that are abrasive. These will make your polycarbonate glasses appear scratched and cloudy. Do not use these on polycarbonate glassware!!     THE UGLY Glass scrubbers are also damaging to polycarbonate surfaces. However it is recommended that if you need to use these cleaning devices, that you fold a kitchen clothe over and place it over the brushes to […]

Washing polycarbonate glasses at the right temperature

Polycarbonate glassware are in general dishwasher safe. But polycarbonate is not just polycarbonate – a variety of qualities exists and some are more resistant to temperature than other. Some poorer polycarbonate qualities will soften at quite low temperatures making them scratch and get cloudy, even crack, when used in industrial dishwashers with a relative high temperature (typically 75 to 85 degrees Celsius).  Using a home use dishwasher or washing by hand using a soft sponge will increase the lifespan of polycarbonate glassware made of poorer and cheaper quality resins. Most materials expand when heated up and will contract when cooling down.  Stacking polycarbonate glassware when they are still warm from […]