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Private Customer Sale


Neslein act as sole distributor and wholesaler of Glass4ever’s polycarbonate p roducts in Singapore. Until now it has not been possible for private customers to purchase our high quality products. To facilitate a growing demand we have set up an arrangement with Mette Visted, who through her company will sell some of our products direct to customer in smaller than B2B quantities. The Glasses that are available are our regular wineglass and stemless wine glass, our regular champagne glass and champagne Epernay, granity rock medium (24cl) and large (37cl), granity schmiddy, martini and margarita glasses. Glass models available may be adjusted based on demand moving forward. If you are interested […]

New price list as of October 1st, 2014


Dear Customers, As of October 1st, 2014 we will update our general Price Lists (FOB and On-site in Singapore). Existing quotations will remain valid for the specified periods indicated on quotations, New quotations issued until 23rd September will be valid until September 30th. From September 23rd until September 30th Quotations will only be issued with one week validity. From October 1st our quotatiosn will as standard be valid for 30 days from issue. New pricelist will be available upon request to new customes and we will send existing customers an updated pricelist ultimo September. Kind regards Mikael Nielsen Managing Partner Neslein PTe Ltd

We have been online for 1 month now – Please help us do better


We have now been online with our website for 1 month and the stats are as follows: 233 visits, 134 unique visitors, 762 page views and a bounce rate that has fallen from 62% to 49% over the last 3 weeks. 38 of the visits are referred to us from LinkedIn where we have 9 followers on have had 3,296 impressions. 62 of the visits are referred to us from Facebook where we have 53 likes and the majority of page views are from people in Singapore, Denmark and Japan. So what does this mean to us… It means that we can do better and we hope you want to help us by spreading the […]

Customer experience and perception of polycarbonate glassware


When choosing glassware for a hospitality setting it is always about creating the right customer experience. The customer experience is impacted by a lot of factors; some that can be controlled but a lot are beyond the control of the venue management as the experience is based on perception and perception to a large degree is passed on past experiences; good and bad. The Eye – Clarity and form factor The first impression of the glassware is typically visual. The moment the guest see the glass the brain starts a recognition process that can trigger a number of responses. The cleanliness and clarity of the glass, the color, the shape. […]

Neslein|Glass4ever reaches the first 100 unique visitors milestone

Today we reached the milestone of 100 unique visitors to our website split across 176 visits and 543 page views. Analytics shows that we have a good  constant inflow of new visitors primarily from Singapore, HK, Japan, and Indonesia, but we have had some exotic visits from Bhutan, Seychelles and Israel as well. Help us grow our visitor base by dropping by out page for a look, share this post via your Facebook and LinkedIn profile where you also have an opportunity to follow us and receive product updates and tips and tricks relating to the use of polycarbonate glassware.

Selecting the right glassware

As illustrated in this small youtube video selecting the right glass for the right drink is not always a matter of size but also shape.   With Glass4ever polycarbonate range you have more than 50 different glasses to chose from making sure that your specific needs are met in style while maintaining a convenience due to the material properties. Why not take  look in our catalogue on this page. Remember that glass is not always made of glass!

The benefits of polycarbonate glassware

Many people today decide to use plastic glasses because they aren’t breakable. However, many pieces of plastic glassware don’t provide the elegant and sophisticated look that you may be looking for. If you are looking for beautiful glassware that looks great while being unbreakable, you may want to consider what polycarbonate glassware has to offer you. To help you figure out if plastic glasses are a great choice, get a good look at the facts and the real benefits this drink ware can offer. Here is a closer look at some of the great benefits these polycarbonate glasses can provide when you purchase them for your home or business. Shatterproof […]