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The Decanter

The Glass4ever 1 Liter decanter is actually a carafe that comes with an optional lid.

Throughout the history of wine, decanters and carafes  have played a significant role in the serving of wine. The vessels would be filled with wine from amphoras and brought to the table where they could be more easily handled by a single servant. The Ancient Romans pioneered the use of glass as a material. After the fall of the Roman Empire, glass production became scarce causing the majority of decanters to be made of bronze, silver, gold, or earthenware. The Venetians reintroduced glass decanters during the Renaissance period and pioneered the style of a long slender neck that opens to a wide body, increasing the exposed surface area of the wine, allowing it to react with air. In the 1730s British glass makers introduced the stopper to limit exposure to air.

Since then, there has been little change to the basic aspects of the decanter, but now it is available in light weight polycarbonate too and it can be used to serve any type of liquid; from water and mixers, to wine or beer.



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