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Glass Customization

Neslein Pte Ltd in close collaboration with Glass4ever in Denmark offer our clients and customers the possibility to create their own glasses through custom mould design.

An experienced design team, with solid knowledge about the mechanical properties of the materials chosen, are involved in the process from first step to secure that customer expectations and ideas are turned into a functional glass with the right weight, balance, stability and longivity at the target price.

The Process can be relatively swift but we would normally see that the design phase can drag out a month or longer due to healthy and constructive dialogue between design team and customers.

Upon completed design, a 3d printed glass can be provided to confirm the formfactor. Costing of this is paid by the Client.

Upon final confirmation the mould is created and Glasses produced. From Design approval to delivery ExW we would typically estimate 2 months.

Due to the initial high cost of creating the custom Mould a certain volume of the final glass woudl be expected to reduce the total per unit price.

Please contact us with questions or inquiries.