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Handling and Washing

The products can be cleaned in exactly the same way as ordinary drinking glasses. They can be hand-washed, washed in an ordinary dishwasher or in an industrial dishwasher.

You can use the same detergent brand as you normally use for washing dishes.  There are no special demands as to the washing-up liquid (but see “How to get the Best result” below).

For handwashing your glasses please use a soft sponge, washing-up brush or a microfiber cloth. PS: Never use abrasives, steel wool, razor blades or other sharp utensils for cleaning Polycarbonate products.

To remove soap stains, rinse in clean water and dry remaining drops of water with a damp soft sponge or cloth. We recommend that you use our own cleaning product, Renovate Powder.

Do not use benzene, alcohol, ester or organic solvents for cleaning Polycarbonate products.

The following may discolour Polycarbonate Glasses or make them cloudy in the long run:

  • Washing at more than 85 degrees over a long period of time
  • Keeping the glasses for a prolonged period of time at high temperatures and high humidity – we recommend that you empty the dishwasher immediately after washing.
  • Lack of or incorrect dosage of rinse aid and detergent – we recommend a service check of dishwashers at least once a year.
  • Use of detergent containing alu or metal protection.
  • Use of wrong draining tray for the glasses (do not use the trays for cutlery or plates). You may use the cutlery basket cover grid for small, light products.
  • Dairy products, coffee, cocoa, tea, and other beverages may leave a rim on the glass if you leave it over night (the so-called office cup). Wash the glass in hot soapy water shortly after use, hand wash or use our cleaning product, Renovate Powder, regularly.
  • Use  of anise-based drinks (such as Pernod, Ricard, Raki or Ouzo).
  • Use of beverages with a high ester content. Esters are a natural product often found in e.g. herbal teas

How to get the best result

If you want the best treatment for your Glass4ever products, we recommend that you use an acidic rinse aid