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New Customer: Silver Bullet Consortium
Silver Bullet Consortium

During last week’s Food & Hotel Asia (FHA2014) Neslein closed a deal with Silver Bullet Consortium Pte. Ltd., a Singapore based importer and distributor of Liqueurs from Tamborine Mountain Distillery.

Tamborine Mountain Distillery is currently Australia’s most awarded distillery and boutique liqueur brand with a whopping, 270 International awards as of 2014 worldwide in the new millennium.

This small operation pot-still distillery holds strong values for its artisanal, hand produced natural product, of which it has also a been a well sort after premium liqueur since 1998. Selected ingredients from the family property and specially selected growers, confirms that no chemicals and preservatives are ever used or in any way that could ever devalue the love and passion that goes into each process of bottle. Each bottle is lovingly hand painted for its traditional pride and presentation, many of which have found their way into the proud ownership of those whom collect them.

The resulting flavor honors the true nature of each and every ingredient. A taste reinforced by the countless judging panels from many of the world’s most prestigious spirit competitions and masses of loyal customers that have propelled this tiny family business into a class of its own.

Silver Bullet Consortium are going to use the Glass4ever Swinger Shot Glass, a European style small liqueur glass, for events and functions where ordinary glassware is not practical. The stemmed shot glass have wide saucer which present the liqueur nicely with a large surface allowing the aromas of the liqueur to come to its right.

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