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Private Customer Sale

Neslein act as sole distributor and wholesaler of Glass4ever’s polycarbonate p roducts in Singapore. Until now it has not been possible for private customers to purchase our high quality products.

To facilitate a growing demand we have set up an arrangement with Mette Visted, who through her company will sell some of our products direct to customer in smaller than B2B quantities.

The Glasses that are available are our regular wineglass and stemless wine glass, our regular champagne glass and champagne Epernay, granity rock medium (24cl) and large (37cl), granity schmiddy, martini and margarita glasses.

Glass models available may be adjusted based on demand moving forward.

If you are interested in purchasing glasses as an individual please contact Mette by Phone +65 9005 4014 or mail mettevisted@yahoo.dk .

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