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The Maß

The Maß (pronounced [ˈmas]) is the Bavarian language word for a mug of beer. In modern times, a Maß is defined as exactly 1 liter (33.8 US fl oz.).

Maß is often used as an abbreviation for Maßkrug (plural: Maßkrüge), a one liter volume glass drinking vessel with a handle. This is frequently used in Bavarian beer gardens and beer halls and is a staple of Oktoberfest. It is often referred to as a beer stein or beer mug by English speakers.

Maßkrugstemmen is an endurance competition that is gaining in notoriety during Oktoberfest season. It is holding a full mug of beer at arm’s length until there is a winner. There are a few rules:
1) Do not spill the beer!
2) The arm must be straight, no bent elbows.
3) Your arm must be parallel to the ground and in front of your chest


You may have a better chance of winning a Maßkrugstemmen competition if you use the Glass4ever 1 liter beer mug due to its lower weight compared to a normal Maß made out of glass..

Remember – a Maß is not always made of glass

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