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Washing polycarbonate glasses at the right temperature

Polycarbonate glassware are in general dishwasher safe. But polycarbonate is not just polycarbonate – a variety of qualities exists and some are more resistant to temperature than other.

Some poorer polycarbonate qualities will soften at quite low temperatures making them scratch and get cloudy, even crack, when used in industrial dishwashers with a relative high temperature (typically 75 to 85 degrees Celsius).  Using a home use dishwasher or washing by hand using a soft sponge will increase the lifespan of polycarbonate glassware made of poorer and cheaper quality resins.

Most materials expand when heated up and will contract when cooling down.  Stacking polycarbonate glassware when they are still warm from dish washing can make them stick to each other, which will require brute force to separate them which can cause significant scratching. most quality glassware is however designed with this in mind using shapes that reduce this wear and tear.

Glass4ever have been designed on material level for the purpose of use in institutional and hospitality settings and are hence more resistant to the temperatures used in industrial dishwashers which is increasing the glassware lifespan and clarity significantly even after many dish washes.

When cleaning any type of glassware (polycarbonate, other plastics or normal glass) it is however always important to use the proper tools, detergents and chemicals matching the material as glassware will otherwise deteriorate and wear down. Glass4ever’s washing instructions can be found here.

Remember – Glass is not always made of glass!

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